Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Stuff Is New

There have been some changes lately. 
1. I got two new jobs -one with kids (they are ok, and so are most of the parents this time), one in a cinema (which reinforced my theory,that the only way to work with people and not starting to hate them is hating already to begin with).
2. I've got a new place. Now living in a shared flat, I finally moved away from this smalltown hell tainted by memories, that kept eating away my sanity. In the near future, another room-mate will move in - my ex's boyfriend (yeah, I know... a kinda weird combo^^).
3.I've slightly redesigned the blog (too lazy for bigger changes, I know, nobody's surprised by this.) I also brought up a new category called 'Kirby sees the world', where I will keep track about ... well, me seing the world. I'm not going to travel a lot all of a sudden, but since I used to hole up a lot in my room of the last years, going out equals seeing the world,too ;-)

Kirby out.