Kirby Sees The World : Gamescom 2014

I know, I know....It's been weeks since Gamescom and I'm a lazy bum. So what?
Besides, if you know me, you should be used tome being late by now.

Well,who would have thought that I would be attending to any big event anytime soon without having 3 years of therapy before?

I didn't think it either,but it happened. I've been at the Gamescom this year and it was a fun trip.
well, the event was fun,the trip there and back home drove me to the edge of murder, but we all know how public transporting works, so no big surprise here.
The convention itself was fun, but I have to admit,going there for only a day was a pretty silly idea to begin with.
As always when I'm surrounded by strangers, I decided to dress up in preparation to fell more secure by not really being myself. So I brushed off my old jacket, straightend my bowtie, adjusted my sonic screwdriver and put on my fez, transforming into the 11th Doctor once more. Long story short: I liked it,but it was pretty exhausting. Long story long : I planned my first murder of that day on the train to get there. Impolite train attendants, unleashed kids and teenagers,who were unable to complete a full sentence had great success to raise my rage level to 'set stuff on fire'.
 Miraculously,  I managed to reach my destination with having to explain a trashed train-car and a pile of corpses.
When we approached the entrance,  I felt a little light-headed -probably caused by thousands of people heading towards the same direction, but a quick 'Wakka and Tidus'-rage (seriously, why do people cosplay as those two dickweeds? ) brought me back on track.
I once more straightend my bow-tie and we entered the Nerdwana.
I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed because there was so much I wanted to see but not nearly enough time (pro-tip: if you ever attend to a convention and someone in the group insists of going for just one day, simply ignore them.).
So I was roaming the place, getting me some Foxhound-dogtags, drooling at the chance to get a glimpse at Hyrule Warriors -and crying when I saw the line-, The Evil Within got me nervous, I peeked at Super Smash Bros.U, sadly missed Assassin's Creed Unity and Dragon Age Inquisition due to  more insane lines, but one of the greatest things I saw, was the Metal Gear Solid:The Phantom Pain-presenation.  The piece of scrap-metal embedded in Big Boss' forehead was a little weird, but regarding how Kojima cares for details,  I'm pretty sure we get anew explanation where it comes from and where it went in 'later' games.

Did I mention, I stumbled upon the Diamond Dogs?

But there weren't just games and merchandise to see, but also some great costumes. There were quite a bunch of Assassins,  some Marios,  multiple Snakes, a couple of Orcs, Warlocks, and so on.Hell, my group was strolling  around with a Time Lord and a Pokémon.

A much discussed highlight was the Tardis-lady, who looked great. Sadly, I missed the opportunity to snag a picture with her due to a dead battery (still pissed about it).

What got me a little confused, where some people who wanted a picture with the Doctor.That was admittedly a little strange, single I usually stay undetected  between the lovely ladies I surround myself with. But hey, even though I' usually not a big fan of being photographed, I don't wanna be a spoilsport. 

When I passed a group of people, who were eager to get a look at The Shadow Of Mordor,  they suddenly were attacked by an Uruk-Hai. I took me some effort, an awful lot of running,  and a very nasty sonic-frequency,  but I managed to fend it off.

It also involved reversing the polarity of it's helmet....don't ask.

Later, I also met this guy called Tony, who was actually pretty brilliant. He was quite rich and slightly full of himself, but seemed actually nice if one was able to handle him. When we were discussing his inventions, we were attacked by some Cyber-Men. Tony was eager to help me battling them, but one of his inventions -some kind of power-armour - got infected and reprogrammed by a Cyber-Mite and started attacking me, with him stuck inside it. I had to shut it down and completely reset it. 

Yup, that's totally what's going on here. 

There were some more interesting people to meet and it took actually a skipped train AND some annoyingly provocative teenagers torturing everyone with shitty music-even though they were told multiple times to turn itdown-to getme backinto theusual 'eww, people!'-mood 

Aaaanyway, All in all it was a great day, even though dealing with the crowd was quite exhausting. But I'm positive and looking forward to next year. .. With some days off work and more than one afternoon at the convention.  :3

Kirby out! 

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